5 Ways To Find Your Creativity (Even If You Have No Time)

Do you call yourself a creative person? Perhaps your initial reaction was along the lines of, “I’m not creative/artistic/imaginative enough..” “I used to be but..” “I would like to be, however..” or “I don’t have the time.”

Will you ever have time to complete that painting, sew that dress, or write that short story that’s been floating around your head?

Overtime our creativity gets buried deep within. Responsibilities or other tasks smother our creative spark.

Creativity can seem self indulgent, something only artists, children or retired people can participate in. Can you still feel that fire of creativity deep within?


As a full time university student, I am constantly in battle with my priorities (studies, exercise, family, chores and sleep) and with other interests of mine (music, photography, sewing, writing and painting).


Upon doing a bit of research on how to practice creativity once again, I found some interesting information.


Here are a 5 steps you can try to fuel your creativity once again:


1.  Let It Be Bad

Give yourself the permission for your work to be bad. Once you lift that pressure of perfection, your work will flow more freely.

Author and photographer James Clear, writes about this issue in his blog post ‘How to Find Your Hidden Creative Genius’.

“Sometimes you have to write 4 terrible pages just to discover that you wrote one good sentence in the second paragraph of the third page.” – James Clear



2.  Schedule in Creative Time

Ok, so you might be rolling your eyes at this one. How ironic now I also need to allocate time in my already busy schedule for creativity!?

Day Designer, is a company that produces time planners and maintains a blog asserts the importance time management.

In particular, throughout their blog post ‘How to Schedule Time to be Creative’, suggests a few different ways everyone can use to successfully practice creativity regularly.

  • Set priorities.
  • Block out your time. Select one or two creative projects to work on and then schedule in time to work on these tasks.
  • Eliminate distractions.


3.  Get Moving

A study conducted by Stanford have found that walking boosts creativity by about 60%. The walking sessions conducted lasted for only 5 to 16 minutes, stating that “The study also found that creative juices continued to flow even when a person sat back down shortly after a walk.”

Joe Bunting, author and creator of the blog ‘The Write Practice’, also cites movement as a catalyst for creativity. Listing many ways how you can practice creativity on the go. Including:

  • Carry writing (or drawing) tools wherever you go
  • Use your phone as a notepad (also use your phone to capture photos of things you see and that inspire you)
  • Take advantage of your downtime, and
  • Wake up to the day


4.  Have Art Dates

This is a great way to practice creativity whilst hanging out with friends and family.

Mollie Makes is a craft magazine and blog. Their blog post ‘11 ways to practise creativity in daily life‘, suggests connecting with other creatives and meeting up to share ideas, thoughts, and inspiration, whilst encouraging and helping each others creative endeavours.



5.  I Do Believe In Me

A huge component of creating something is believing in yourself.

As James Clear states:

“It is natural to judge your work. It is natural to feel disappointed that your creation isn’t as wonderful as you hoped it would be, or that you’re not getting any better at your craft. But the key is to not let your discontent prevent you from continuing to do the work.”


Try to do a little bit of creative work each week, to exercise your creativity.

The Art of Education, has a great blog post on ‘How to Make Art No Matter How Busy You Are’. Sharing many great tips on cultivating creativity everyday.

Small ways you can be creative each day include; create art in small amounts not large intricate pieces, it can be as simple as drawing your breakfast or other small details you see in your day.





Let me know how you feel about being creative and what you do to practice creativity.

Good luck with your creative endeavours!